Our Chandeliers have a concealed Stainless Steel Rod embedded within the rope rigidly fixed to the luminaire fastened to the timber piece. This offers the decorative effect of free hanging luminaires while also preventing damage from the fixtures swinging in high wind settings.
Chandeliers with 10 Nos Fittings suspended Use 2 of our custom cables (5-1) to interconnect the light fixutres
Chandeliers can also be used for indoor use without the stainless steel Rod.
Timber length: 1.2m (4 ) Hollow timber: Inner hollowed out part of mber acts as a “junction box” to conceal cable interconnections Timber accessories: Stainless steel brackets with stainless steel chains & hooks Custom 5-1 Cable: Use our Custom injec on moulded 5-1 cable with our IP67 two way electrical connectors to interconnect Fi ngs inside the hollowed out por on of the timber. Cable Connectors: Use our IP67 cable connectors – (2 way or 3 way). We recommend 10 interconnected luminaires per chandelier
Illuminate your Façades
Available with 3 or 5 Fittings per pergola bracket Mount. Custom aluminum and glass mason jar lid allowing for usage as a down-light. Fittings suspended with stainless steel Rods preventing them from colliding at high winds.
Choose between our 3-Fitting or 5-Fitting Pergola Mounted Brackets